2013 Annual Honors Program Art Show

The 2013 Honors Art Show was held in the Rankin Art Gallery on January 30th, 2013. It was astonishing to see such incredible talent from fellow Honors students. Even with their classes, service projects, and extra-curricular activities, these outstanding students still managed to make time to share their talents with their peers at Ferris. Their art ranged from photography, to sculpture, to even an Etch-A-Sketch! Each piece was crafted with a delicate precision.  Detailed below are two personal favorites as well as the Crowd Favorite and Judge’s Pick.

“Beauty is Within Us All” by Sarah Young

This painting was a personal favorite in the Art Show. The amazing skill and important message are what made it my favorite. Not only is the painting flawless, but the message is one that is particularly important for young people of all ages to understand. Some may consider the woman in the painting to be “fat” or “big” because she does not conform to the unhealthy, bone-thin body type that society considers beautiful these days. Even though the woman in the painting is not stick thin, she is beautiful, and she is not afraid to show it.

Etch-A-Sketch art, Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”

This piece was extremely different from any others in the show, and that is why it caught attention. Can you imagine the time and dedication it took to even make this piece turn out? The artist not only chose to recreate a masterpiece (called “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali), but to pick one with many curves and uneven surfaces – hard concepts to translate into Etch-A-Sketch format! It is so impressive to see such an unusual skill on display. The artist even shows us exactly how she did it in a time-lapse video! The video can be found here: Link to Etch-a-Sketch in the Making

“Mein Schatz” by Maddy Herbart

This year’s Crowd Favorite showcased the artist’s ability to convey light and shadow. The lines across the man’s face and shirt help the observer to recall the feeling of the hot sun across their own face. The level of attention paid to detail in the background is very impressive as well. The artist captured the feeling of being at the beach on a hot summer day – something we can all appreciate in the dead of winter! Congratulations Maddy Herbart, 2013’s “Crowd Favorite”!

“Everything Changes” by Julia Steudle

The judge’s choice was a unique photography piece. The artist used interesting angles and a lack of color to bring the observer into a fall scene that Ferris students know so well. When looking at the single colored leaf, all sorts of autumn images are conjured up: picking apples at the orchard, drinking hot cider with donuts, or jumping in a huge pile of crisp, fragrant leaves. The artist did an excellent job of conveying so many aspects of a season in just three photographs. Congratulations Julia Steudle, 2013’s “Judge’s Pick”!

More photos from the 2013 Honors Art Show can be found here.

Article written by Alexandra Ortiz.


One response to “2013 Annual Honors Program Art Show

  1. Great article Ali! The photographs are excellent too. I really find it amazing that there are so many artistic students who do such fine work. It is great that they have time to keep up this side of their lives! The event is also a nice time to get together and take a short break to relax and soak up some art, j

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