Fall 2013 Outstanding Volunteer: Allegra Babiarz

BradleyBabiarzMaloneVOLUNTEEROutstanding Volunteer: Allegra Babiarz
Allegra Babiarz
Year: Second
Major: Pre-Optometry
Involvement: Honors Speech Contest, 30 Hour Famine Coordinator
Achievements: President’s Scholarship, Honors Speech Contest 1st place, Organizational Financial Management Certification, Honors Outstanding Volunteer (2013), Michigan College of Optometry Chair on the Executive Board of Pre-Optometry Club, High School Class Treasurer/President

From Dr. Peter Bradley, Honors Program Director:

“The “Outstanding Volunteer” award could equally say “Outstanding Leader”, for while Allegra Babiarz recorded a astounding 82.5 service hours last year, we recognize her this fall for her dedication and commitment to the 30 Hour Famine, for which she has planned every detail. This fall, the event—which is much more than merely not eating for 30 hours—raised $3,481.45 for World Vision, and donated 35 food items to My Brother’s Keeper Homeless Shelter. Her nominator tells us that Allegra is also an active volunteer in the optometry building, “volunteering once a week for two hours in the research labs.” Allegra’s work with the 30 Hour Famine embodies our program’s commitment to “service and leadership for the public good,” and we are SO happy to recognize her for these efforts.”

When asked, Allegra explained that she had not expected the Outstanding Volunteer award. “I like building relationships with all of the other people who want to make the world a better place,” she explains. “It’s amazing to see what sort of impact a small group of students can have on something… It’s also really nice to be able to recognize so many people [from volunteering events] when walking to class.” As previously mentioned, Allegra planned every detail of this year’s 30 Hour Famine event.  “The 30 Hour Famine is the best,” she comments. As all Honors students know, 30 hours of community service per school year is required. Being one who already has a history of volunteering, this was a breeze for Allegra. “It started reluctantly when I was inducted into National Honor Society in high school; they required us to volunteer,” she remembers. “So then when I came to school here, I realized that I’m not fulfilling my potential if I don’t do things for others.”

The Honors Program would like to commend Allegra on her exceptional efforts to help others. Honors also appreciates and acknowledges the hard work she put into the 30 Hour Famine, along with the other events she continues to participate in.

This article was written by Endeavor editor Logan Bixman.


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