Warning: Outstanding Students Taking Over!

Coming into the Endeavor with fresh new ideas, I have decided to have a weekly student feature to show how awesome and outstanding the Ferris State Honors Program students are! I am excited to explore all types of students in various majors, years, and areas of interest.

Be on the lookout for phenomenal student features!

If you are interested in being featured for your achievements in the Endeavor, please contact me at: FerrisHonorsEndeavor@gmail.com.

Warning: Outstaning Students Taking Over! article is written by the Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.
Student Features will be written by the Endeavor staff, and published by the Endeavor editor, Logan Bixman.



One response to “Warning: Outstanding Students Taking Over!

  1. Great Idea. Maybe also we should hunt down some of the recent grads and see what they are up to? Might make for interesting reading and people could see what was happening to older students they know.

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