The Face Behind the Newsletter: About the Endeavor Editor

I have been meaning to do this self-introduction post for a while, but I have been distracted by schoolwork and other chaos for the past few months. Back in December, I was chosen to become the new Endeavor editor. I was totally thrilled and still am until this day!

528496_4743038053315_1462753626_nSo, who am I? My name is Logan Bixman, and I’m a freshman here at Ferris State University. I am a Pre-Pharmacy student in the Honors Program. I am from Fenton, MI and graduated with the class of 2012 from Luke M. Powers Catholic High School in Flint, MI. I chose Ferris to complete my undergrad (and hopefully graduate!) schoolwork because of the location unlike other schools I have attended in bad areas. I am on the Equestrian Team at Ferris (yes, we have one!), and am also a member of the Pre-PharmD club. I am an avid, competitive horseback rider and work as a sales associate at a tack store for my job at home and will be the president of the Ferris State Equestrian Hunt Team next year! I was the business manager and had a lead role participating in my high school yearbook. I enjoy reading, organizing, writing, and blogging, tweeting, tumbling, facebooking, instagramming, etc. I enjoy chemistry and math a lot, and also English. I am currently undecided if I want a Bachelor’s in chemistry with a minor in Mathematics, after I obtain my Associate’s in science, of course! I hope to stay at Ferris for pharmacy school. Next year, I hope to become an Honors Peer Mentor in hopes to guide students to be outstanding leaders and scholars, as well as excellent friends and a helping hand. Helping come up with and sustaining the new Endeavor advancements has already become a big part of my life, and I enjoy every second of it. I look forward to being responsible (also with my team of awesome writers) for all future postings and publications of the Endeavor.

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